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Blog-Core 1.1.0 and blog upgrades

This week I released a new version of the Blog-Core framework. The version 1.1.0 brings mail notifications. The full changelog is here. The example project/demo is not yet updated to take advantage of the new features but all changes are backwards-compatible.

I also upgraded this blog:

  • Switched to HTTPS (with all canonical redirects, GA shows no impact).
  • Better contact form notifications.
  • Unified all forms: comments, contact and search.
  • Stronger mail setup: DKIM and DMARC. DKIM setup did not went smooth tho.
  • Introduction page in Estonian (still being written).
  • New meta og:image.
  • Stronger styling for blockquotes.
  • Responsive images through CSS (no more manual style attributes!).
  • Custom 404 page (workaround to SWI-Prolog limitation), example (has proper status 404).
  • Font overhaul, tested on various devices (note: almost any font looks good on OS X retina screens).
  • Front page rework. Recent projects with logos.

This makes the blog feature-complete for this time (I will want more features once it grows more!). The new forms setup will eventually get backported to the Blog-Core example project. I plan to do this together with deployment guides that I promised to write in the last status update.


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