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Announcement: Blog-Core 0.0.4

Version 0.0.4 of the Blog-Core framework has been released. Most of the changes have been to the frontend (Admin UI) part of the code:

  • Admin UI pages use kontainer now.
  • Admin UI client-side router is updated. The update to the router itself was covered here.
  • Admin UI uses the fetch API with a polyfill for older browsers.
  • Improved build process with Browserify and better Makefile.
  • Annoying issue with jumping cursor in input fields is fixed. This was caused by a KnockoutJS extension to automatically trim input fields. The fields are now trimmed when saving the entry.
  • Post previews are supported. However, they do not work very well as browsers block It might eventually get replaced by a split-screen editor.

The backend got better exception reporting, based on this.

The demo/example project got overhaul:

  • Sample data in repository.
  • Upgraded base docker image (when running with docker).
  • Docker image renamed to blogcore/demo.
  • Updated deployment at


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