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Debian Wheezy and SquirrelMail

Debian Wheezy comes with the PHP package version 5.4. This version of PHP does not work well with the current latest stable version of SquirrelMail (1.4.22). There are some issues like warning messages in the error log:

FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Warning: Creating default object
from empty value in /usr/share/nginx/
on line 367" while reading response header from upstream

However, more serious issue for me are the missing sender/subject lines. This has been mentioned here. In order to save myself from this and from other possible hassles with PHP 5.4, I decided to downgrade PHP. For that, I re-installed PHP from source and built it with the following configure options:

./configure --prefix=$HOME --enable-fpm --without-pear --disable-all \
--with-gettext --enable-mbstring --enable-session

This should build PHP with the minimal required extensions for SquirrelMail. It also builds php-fpm which handles FastCGI processes for Nginx. I do not have any other PHP software running on the system which would require db connectors or other such extensions. The prefix $HOME indicated that I build PHP only for the current user (I chose squirrelmail) and not for the whole system. I will later look into providing init script for php-fpm, I have none at the moment.


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