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Fast-feed: categories, more support, Travis

The fast-feed newsfeed parsing package for Node.js has been updated with new features. Sascha Depold contributed code that extracts categories from RSS feeds. He also made a pull request to add Travis support. I was pretty surprised that adding Travis to a repo is that easy. I have already added it to some other repositories as well.

This all came at the time of Node.js v4 release (here is my article about it) and I decided to add support for it too. This took an upgrade to NAN 2.x and many changes in the binding code. While it compiles and runs fine, there is still one issue left with Travis CI. The Linux environment has all tests running but in the Travis OSX environment: Node.js runtimes are just missing. Edward Vielmetti is working on it and we might be able to work around it if Travis is not fixing their OSX runtime first.


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