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I'm not a Perl programmer

I'm not a Perl programmer but GitHub thinks otherwise. This is a known bug that was already fixed some time ago and then broken again.

Comment from Paulo summarizes well the Perl vs Prolog issue:

Perl developers fucked up big time by overtaking a file extension, .pl, used by Prolog, language that was already 15 years old by that time Perl appeared.

Linguist, the software that classifies source files had built-in measures (example files) to recognize Prolog .pl files. These were all removed by this commit with a rather shitty commit message: "Remove prolog samples for now and rely on .prolog extension". This does not work.

My repos that are all incorrectly classified:


Ann Engineer at 2014-03-17
Posting on swipl list. Maybe we can get some momentum to fix this

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