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Infdot OÜ homepage running on new platform

Two weeks ago I got this blog running on the new engine. Now there is another site running on it. I have migrated from static site generator to the same blogging/CMS platform as my own blog is running. The migration turned into complete redesign and rewrite.


I had this new design in mind already in summer. It came into my mind when I was experimenting with various CSS text-shadow settings for white text on different background colors. I also changed the color theme, including the logo color. I guess I got too used with the old logo and wanted some change. The shade of red I'm using now is just a recolorization of the old color. From the old site I kept sections with slight black border and shadow.

Social buttons

For the new site I decided to go with custom social buttons. They are now just image links, not iframes with heaps of JavaScript. I looked at different collections of flat social buttons but did not find many that would fit with the minimal page design. I therefore made my own, with white letters on the red flat background.

Optimization for mobile devices

The design uses a single max-width breakpoint, set to 980px. I only optimize the size of the center area which is set to 100% on devices with smaller resolution. The menu and the social icons section also lose their absolute positioning and become in-flow elements again at this resolution.


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