Raivo Laanemets. Full-stack freelancer.

JavaScript packages


This is the list of JavaScript packages that I maintain. All of them are available through NPM.


Node.js module for parsing newsfeeds (RSS 2 and Atom). It should be one of the fastest feed parsers. Uses native RapidXML XML parser under the hood. I wrote the initial code. The current code contains lots of contributions from other developers.


Client-side router that uses regular expressions. I had to build it as many of my applications required routing interception (to prevent leaving certain routes) that was not available in other libraries.


ViewModel lifecycle manager for parts of KnockoutJS application. Offers more flexibility than built-in KO components and prevents unnecessary reflows.


A dirty key-value database clone for PhantomJS and its synchronous CommonJS Filesystem/A IO. Database files are fully compatible between implementations.


Photo gallery generator. Uses JSON metainfo files in the original images tree.


  • Custom templates
  • Incremental updates
  • Fixed-sized no-distortion thumbnails
  • Output directory separated from the source images directory
  • Unbounded album nesting


The cooling project

A crazy project built for fun that among the other features included command-line interface to tune cooling fan controller parameters.