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My tech news sources


As a technology enthusiast and a working developer I want to stay in touch with the recent developments in the relevant fields. This post lists most of the sources where I get my news from.

What am I interested in

  • JavaScript and Prolog, these are my first problem-solving languages.
  • Anything practical on HTML and CSS (you won't get far without keeping up-to-date with them).
  • Slackware and Debian and Linux in general (with a strong focus on system administration).
  • New programming languages and tools.
  • New/old database systems (relational and alternative).
  • Hosting news.
  • New startups, especially in the IT field.
  • Freelancing news. Possible work opportunities.


I read a lot of blogs, these are my primary source of information. I keep watching about 600 of them. The full list of feed URLs can be found from here. I do not read every article but I keep eye on titles and check out the interesting ones.


I'm not reading and posting to many boards. The one I check every day is Hacker News. It provides variety of interesting news about startups, javascript, new languages and tools, databases etc. It does not concentrate too much on politics and United States that some other sites do. The user interface of Hacker News is quite user-friendly without noisy excerpts that take most of the screen space.

I sometimes read Estonia-specific forums like and They are not actively used by the local community but sometimes interesting work offers are posted there.

Weekly lists

I am subscribed to some weekly mail news/digest lists. They are nice as they try to collect more important news into one place but in many cases I have already read those on the blogs I follow.

Mailing lists

The only mailing list I am subscribed to is the Swi-Prolog's mailing list. I get announcements of new version releases from here. Some people also announce when they release new libraries (packs) for Swi. I wish there was a site/blog covering Prolog news but I haven't found it.

IRC/Skype Groups

I'm usually logged into the Freenode network whenever I'm at my computer. I stay on channels ##prolog, #NodeJS and ##JavaScript. I hear a lot about new and old libraries and techniques in IRC and about other developers troubles with them. It is a good place to ask what other developers think of a library/technology X.

On Skype I am subscribed to 2 local Estonia-specific tech groups (Häkkerikoda and NodeJS Eesti). There is sometimes interesting discussion about Estonian IT. Unfortunately I do not use Skype much.

Social sites

I haven't found social sites to be a good source of news. Generic groups are simply too large. There is too much noise: people asking for help, spam messages, promoted ads etc.

Twitter is an output channel for me. I post some of my own findings and rant there. There are about 5 users whose every tweet I (try to) read. Otherwise Twitter is dominated by verbose users and I really do not have time to dig enough to find interesting stuff. Maybe I just use Twitter wrong, I do not know.

Google Plus is almost as same as Twitter for me. Noisy generic and popular groups/channels. However, there is a nice Prolog community that I follow.

News sites

Not using any. Even worse noise problem than with social sites.


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