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Now, 2016-06


This is an update on my current activities.


  • Added the "/now" page.
  • Preparing articles on the topics:
    • Ending fraudulent agreements
    • ES6 practical usage
    • Logging infrastructure

Now page(s)

I have decided to implement a "/now" page. I already had similar status update posts but these were arbitrary and did not follow the "standard". While most people use a static page, I found a good way to reuse my existing posts. It feels like "/now" is supposed to represent a point in time anyway and it would be good to look back sometimes.

My implementation just displays the last published post with the tag now. These posts will also appear as normal posts. I also added a section that displays the list of previous now posts. This allows me to keep writing status update posts without having to maintain a separate page.

I have gone over all the old status posts and renamed them to Now, <year-month> while preserving their slugs to keep old links working.


I have 2 active projects:

  • Automatic system for sports betting (Node.js+Prolog).
  • Invoice data extraction system (Node.js+PhantomJS+Express, pure ES6 project).

I also work on improving my current logging infrastructure. I have been switching away from Papertrail to rsyslog-over-TLS and MySQL. With my current message volume of 1+M per day Papertrail is not anymore cost effective. I will write more about it.

I have cancelled the frontend monitoring project mentioned in the new year plans. I did extensive search online and found lots of companies already offering the exactly same service. The pricing range also turned out what I was considering. Pingometer was the best I found.

I'm unable to accept more work at the moment due to high load although there have been some very interesting offers (Liisi, thanks!).

Open Source

I have uploaded dom-eee (DOM Extraction Expression Evaluator) project to GitHub. The project turns a JSON-based DSL document into another JSON document based on the DOM data. There are similar projects but none of them came as a library that offered browser+PhantomJS+Cheerio compatibility. I will write more about it.


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