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Now, 2016-10


This is an update on things related to this blog and my work.


  • Preparing articles on topics:
    • Opinions on Python (had a small project with it)
    • My infrastructure setup (with some tips to improve service and lower costs)
  • Working on a huge update to the list of projects.
  • Some article text readability upgrades.
  • Analytics upgrade.

Better analytics

I have put together a quick analytic database for tracking the visitors. I wanted to find a better solution for dealing with Google Analytics ghost referrals and bots by adding some techniques that should allow to detect bot users (I need this for other projects too). I also wanted to browse individual visitor sessions (not available on GA). I have already collected a month of tracking data on this blog and it shows some interesting properties. I will soon write a separate post about the findings.


I still work on the same projects as in the previous update. However, I'm not working on weekends anymore. I work on weekend only in special cases (product launches etc). This must be agreed prior to the weekend and is billed hourly including idle hours. I do not accept any new projects at the moment as I have too much work.

I'm also working on a large update to the the list of my generic terms. I will require a formal written contract from all of my clients in the future. This reduces possible risks from miscommunication and bad assumptions about Estonian laws. I will also clarify the type of work I accept, the schedule and project termination.

Domain has gone down. It hosted the most successful project I have worked on. Despite the relative success, sales dried up and there were no resources to do further development or even maintain the pages and downloads.

New projects

  • Raspberry Pi-based desktop automation (Python, tkinter,
  • Truck load optimizer (HTML5, KnockoutJS)

Open Source

  • Simple line graph lib dataline.
  • Human tracker/tracer/session viewer (only code is released, documentation needs to be written).
  • Log viewer (not yet Open Source but soon is, this is what I made for the rsyslog+MySQL setup).


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