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Now, 2016-11


This is an update on things related to this blog and my work.


Upgrades to the blog code:

  • List of last posts under each post page. If it turns out to waste too much space I will remove it.
  • All posts page now has index by year.
  • I have optimized the article print view. It now contains less noise.
  • Flatter style: no border on inline code and code blocks. This improves readability.

I also did some minor edits to existing articles: fixed capitalization and normalized tags.


  • I have updated the generic terms. I have covered some previously unregulated cases considering the services I provide and when I provide them.
  • I am back on the Scale Laser project. On the last 2 weeks I have been studying SVG more in depth for the drawing editor component.

Router upgrade

My home network now has a better router. I have replaced the old router with a hardware-NAT Asus RT-AC53. The old router caused disconnects for the main desktop and WiFi devices. The test server running at my home and hosting many projects was also affected by this. The router upgrade has made the issues disappear.

Open Source

  • Fast-feed supports Node.js 7.x. No actual changes were needed, I only updated the Travis conf. Readme now contains instructions how to install it on Windows.
  • Released MySQL-syslog-viewer. It was my weekend project that took more than one weekend in the end.
  • Released Session Viewer. It was another weekend project.
  • Blog-Core leaked identify processes. Fixed in release 1.1.1.
  • Minor Sublime EJS highlighter improvement.

Besides these I have 2 more weekend projects to announce. The code for them is already finished.

Other things

Docker issues

I ran into issues with Docker again. Idea of containers and automation is good but current Linux distros and software are not built for it and require too much manual interaction. This makes some things harder than it has to be.


I have looked at Vue.js as a modern JavaScript framework. I can see that it leads to cleaner code than KnockoutJS. I would like to evaluate it on a future project. I have already worked through some small examples and I like it a lot.

Apartment association

Much needed building renovations were delayed as apartment owners voted against it. There were 51 votes for it and 12 votes against. We have 102 apartments and the required number of votes for the loan was 50%+1 meaning that we missed 1 vote. We have already scheduled a new voting and hope to pass it. This decision has high impact on my schedule in 2017 as I won't be able to work in my home office anymore due to construction work.

To relieve the air quality problems before reconstruction I have bought a LB88 air humidifier. After renovations it should become unnecessary to use any air quality control equipment as the ventilation system will be completely rebuilt. At the moment we have slight overheating to provide livable temperatures in all apartments. In my apartment with old windows it causes the air humidity to drop below 20% during winters which results in breathing issues. I'm using the humidifier to keep it in the 40-50% range.


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