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Now, 2017-09

This is an update on things related to this blog and my work.


Since the last update I have been returning to a more stable schedule of writing. I now usually write 1 or 2 articles per week and do most of the writing on weekends. I'm soon hitting the milestone of 200 articles and will review the blog in the similar way as I did for the previous milestone.


I have moved back to my home office. Construction work has practically ended and the noise is not an issue anymore. During the couple of noisy days I have been sitting in a local pub with my laptop and drinking coffee.

The last 2 months have gone into a single project. It is a system to replace lots of manual work of managing transportation orders. The client has been pleasure to work with. Their office has been very welcoming and they have really good coffee. Most of my work has gone into the user interface. The backend is built using Node.js and MySQL and the frontend is using server-side JSX to generate HTML and browser-side React for dynamic forms.

Open Source and side projects

Since the last update I have built one side project. It's an app to ask questions about a software project. I have had the idea to build it for a long time. The basic system for questions was inspired by Expert Systems and the Bethesda dialogue system. I built the initial prototype in Prolog but later rewrote it as a browser-side application. It uses a tree-like data structure (actually a directed acyclic graph) where nodes are questions or topics and branches are activated by positive answers.

I rewrote the UI of my feed reader app in React. I wanted to test out React and apply some changes to the reader app. The original UI was written in Knockout.js and a bit hackish. I wrote the original UI many years ago when I did not have much experience in structuring large browser-side applications. At the moment I'm very satisfied with the rewritten code.


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