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Plans for 2014


My current plans are:

  • Keep working as a freelance developer.
  • Study new things and languages: docker, Rust, Go, koa and generator-based async code in NodeJS.
  • Meet new people. Attend local meetups and conferences.
  • Get better means of transportation. I need a vehicle to save my time and increase work opportunities.
  • Raise rates. My current rates do not get me enough living.
  • Finish up old (personal) projects. I have too much old stuff that I have almost finished (my current TO-DO list is 12 A4 filled with tasks).
  • Start 3 more blogs and write on things other than technology.
  • Write more on technology, too. At least an article per week.
  • Start using a real spam filter. Issues with spam seem to increase every year for me (also for others?).


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