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Slackware 14.2 released

Slackware Linux version 14.2 was recently released. I have been a Slackware user since 2003. The new release brings lots of updated libraries. For me it means a rock stable base system to run the latest versions of software that I need every day: a text editor, browsers, and some other common stuff. The Slackware team has done lots of good work and the release has been beta-tested for the last 5 months.

I have tried the new release in VirtualBox. It seems to work well, at least the installation with XFCE. I have used KDE so far but I'm considering XFCE if it proves to be stable enough. XFCE is supposed to have fewer moving parts than KDE but only the actual usage will tell whether it turns out to be stable enough for me.

The only minor issue I noticed was XFCE asking me whether I want to start with the default setup or with 1 panel. I did not understand the question at first, chose the latter, and it made the desktop a bit useless. I guess the choice makes sense if you are an existing XFCE user but the option should not offered to the new users. I got this fixed by deleting and recreating the user account. This is probably not Slackware's fault but an issue in XFCE itself.

I'm currently waiting for less busy times. The update might mean some downtime for me. At the moment I'm running 14.1 with a custom kernel on a very recent hardware. The system has lots of patches and tweaks applied and getting the new version running so well might take some time. Linux desktops are a bit rough by default anyway although the simplicity of Slackware allows me to tweak it to the perfect level.


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