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Now, 2014-08


This is my project list update for August 2014. I'm still busy and it is not much different from the previous update. During the projects I have learned a lot about the Bootstrap framework.

Some maintenance/personal/Open Source stuff:

  • During the last 2 months I have been updating my mail infrastructure to combat with spam and fix my webmail. My current setup is a quite mess with 15 various daemons. I will write a detailed article about it that also has an overview of webmail solutions I have tried.
  • Somewhere around the end of August the last parts for the cooling project should arrive. I have run this project for about 2 years (started after I built watercooling into my main computer) and now I have a good chance to finally finish it.

Work interrupts

The weather for this summer has been exceptionally bad. There are frequent lightning storms and during those I have to turn off the computer (so it will not be fried!). This disrupts my daily workflow. I have also caught a slight cold.


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