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Now, 2015-10


This is my status update for October 2015. I am busy with the existing projects and cannot take more jobs before Winter. What do I work on:

  • An online CAD system for (railroad) model building hobbyists. The project uses SWI-Prolog as the backend and its RDF storage as the database. This is my main project for now and the forthcoming 2-3 months. The project has shifted my work days towards the night as the most of the team is in US West Coast. It worries me a bit as some people in Estonia might think that I'm just too lazy to get up in the "right" time in the morning.
  • I'm updating Blog-Core step-by-step to make it more usable and ready for the version 1.0 release. I have roadmap more-less ready but not yet published. There will be no backwards-compatibility changes. The biggest open issue is the implementation of the draft mode and switching between live/draft modes and how it works with the "published" option. This will be my only active side project for now.
  • Slowly preparing for the Slackware 14.2 release. The release is said to be coming soon. No exact date is given. When it is released, I will do a series of posts about setting it up.
  • Thinking about upgrading the computer. I have postponed it for some time. Things that I want: 16GB of RAM, newer video card, super-fast SSD (2GB/sec transfer) and USB 3.1. In the ideal case I get it upgraded before the Slackware release. Then I can tune it for the new hardware.
  • I'm planning to build a new mountain racing bike. I'm quite lightweight - 60kg (~130 pounds) and would like to use a lightweight bike (sub 8kg, current one is 11kg). My physical fitness is much better than of an average rider and I can easily ride fully-rigid MTB bikes, especially on marathon trails. My current plan is a custom build on a 27.5" carbon frame (rigid tail and fork) with my current XT groupset and a lightweight wheelset. I will possibly spend the whole Winter to find a frame, everything else is much easier to source and buy.
  • During the Summer I built/finished some diy electronics projects. I would like to document them and review some of the stuff I bought for them.


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