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Taking a break


I'm taking a break from freelancing. I want to do coding for fun only and not worry about legal risks and business issues all the time.

Two months ago I had all signs indicating a burnout. I decided to take a sudden break. I also wrote an article on it but it came out very negative and later I removed it.

In order to have a slight recovery I tried to stay away from work but a month ago things went a lot worse. I got dragged into an inside fight at one of my clients. Through threats of being sued to ground and criminal actions I was forced to give up control of a certain system I had built for the client some time ago. I cannot spare more details but the system relied on someone very trustworthy to operate it. My resignation was followed by a huge mess of things...

I still do not know what exactly comes out of this. The stress of the situation kicked me out of my burnout symptoms. For these two weeks it mobilised me to make really important decisions and think hard about their outcomes. My mornings prior this were often mindlessly staring at the screen and scrolling through news for hours with zero motivation to do anything productive.

My motivation and daily routine of doing productive things has restored. I work on some piece of code every day a bit and do things I used to enjoy pre-burnout, including writing and running.


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