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Now, 2015-03


Status update

I am looking for possible front-end/back-end/full-stack projects for next 5-6 months. My current major project is getting finished. There is another similar project (sharing the codebase) in the works but that should take about a month.

I am also open for possible partnership with other freelancers: programmers, designers, seo/marketing specialists, content writers and translators. Just add me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter. I will do the same.

Blog updates

I have updated my CV and the list of my projects. I have removed most of my external social accounts/pages/channels as nobody was keeping in contact with me through them. I did not have resources to promote and maintain them. The pages that had to go:

  • Google+ profile (deleting was not possible, had to remove all content manually)
  • About Me profile (they change lots of things but the actual network is small and not focused)
  • My FB page containing the blog content feed
  • Infdot OÜ's (my company) Twitter/Google+ page
  • Profiles on some freelancer sites

I have also simplified my LinkedIn profile. My projects list is now only on my tech blog. Links from social networks point here.

However, I now have 2 more blogs:

I had basic sites for them installed already a long time ago but I did not have time to create some graphics and initial posts. I am not sure if I will have time to actually write something on them but I will definitely try.


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