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Upgraded laptop to Slackware 14


My laptop (Acer TravelMate from 2006) has been running Slackware 12.2 (released 2008) so far. I already tried upgrading before but it kept crashing with kernels newer than 2.6.27. I never got kernel panics but I got some stacktrace containing references to the ACPI and ext3 filesystem code. I do not remember the error message but after it happened the kernel would not be able to access the disk anymore. On Ubuntu, with the errors=remount-ro option it would remount the disk as read-only. Two years ago I Googled it pretty extensively and seeked help in IRC. Nothing turned up. Maybe something related to buggy hardware? However, it was rock-stable with 2.6.27 kernel that comes with Slackware 12.2.

Anyway, I now tried upgrading again, to Slackware 14 (3.2.29-smp). It has been stable for 3 days. No kernel panics, no stacktraces and errors in dmesg. I am happy. I can now run latest Chrome and Firefox which I really need in my web development work. Previously I was limited to no Chrome and Firefox 16 because of old system libraries.

Screenshots from the old and the new system:

Slackware 12.2

Slackware 14


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