Raivo Laanemets. Full-stack freelancer.


My name is Raivo and I am a full-time freelance developer from Estonia. I have more than 10 years of experience in software development and I hold a Masters degree in Computer Science. (more info)

I like to create custom web applications. My development platforms are Node.js and SWI-Prolog on the server side and KnockoutJS and Bootstrap on the browser side.

I am also a maintainer of the Blog-Core blogging framework.

I'm available for hire as a freelancer.

I can also be contacted on Freenode IRC. Usually I visit the channels #javascript, #prolog and #node.js with nick RLa.

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Beware of SWI-Prolog packs

The list of SWI-Prolog packs is not moderated (this is pointed out on the page!) and anyone can publish new versions of any pack. You get no mail notifications if someone does that to your package....
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On 2015-11-07

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