Raivo Laanemets. Full-stack freelancer.


My name is Raivo and I am a full-time freelance developer from Estonia. I have more than 10 years of experience in software development and I hold a masters degree in computer science.

I am interested in creating user-friendly web applications. My development platforms are Node.js and SWI-Prolog on the server side and KnockoutJS and Bootstrap on the browser side.

I am also a maintainer of the Blog-Core blogging framework.

I'm available for hire as a freelancer.

I can also be contacted on Freenode IRC. Usually I am in channels #javascript, #prolog and #node.js with nick RLa.

Recent posts

Getting started with RDF (in Prolog)

Recently I got involved in a web project that uses RDF as a backend. The application code is written in Prolog and runs on SWI-Prolog. SWI-Prolog comes with an implementation of RDF storage engine....
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On 2015-10-01

Docker udev access race

I recently upgraded my Docker version to 1.8 and started seeing a warning message "Udev sync is not supported" when trying to start the Docker daemon. I am using the devicemapper storage backend an...
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On 2015-09-24

Blog-Core 0.0.7

Blog-Core framework version 0.0.7 has been released. It contains dependency upgrade which breaks backwards compatibility. The docstore pack contained potentially dangerous predicates such as ds_get...
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On 2015-09-23

Blog: 100

This blog has reached 100 articles for now. I'm taking a look of what I have written and also go over the reading statistics. I started actively writing in 2013 when I realized that a blog is an ...
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On 2015-09-13