Blog of RLa. Prolog/JavaScript freelancer.


My name is Raivo and I am a freelance software developer in Estonia. I have more than 10 years experience in software development and I hold a masters degree in computer science.

I'm interested in creating usable and user-friendly desktop, mobile and web applications. My current development platforms include Node.JS, PhoneGap and Swi-Prolog.

My Open Source report card.

I can also be contacted on Freenode IRC. Usually I am in channels #javascript, #prolog and #node.js with nick RLa.

Recent posts

Status update 08-2014

This is my project list update for August 2014. I'm still busy and it is not much different from the previous update. During the projects I have learned a lot about the Bootstrap framework. Some

On 2014-08-21

Blog upgrade: highlight.js

I have upgraded the blog to highlight source code snippets using the highlight.js library. I had one issue during the upgrade. My Markdown parser uses data-language attribute for storing the snippe

On 2014-07-23

Home server crash and dead HDD

A week ago my home server crashed. The server refused to start after reboot attempts. After connecting a monitor to it I found out that the reason was the dead hard drive. The disk was a 750GB Sams

On 2014-07-03

Watch: periodically run a command

Watch is a command line utility that executes a command periodically, showing its output. This is incredibly useful for continuously building a project during development. As I usually use make for

On 2014-06-29

Status update 06-2014

This is my status update for June 2014. I am busy with the existing projects and cannot take more jobs for June. I currently work on: A sales portal (NodeJS, Bootstrap 3). A frontend to manage s

On 2014-06-04