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My name is Raivo and I am a full-time freelance developer in Estonia. I have more than 10 years experience in software development and I hold a masters degree in computer science.

I am interested in creating user-friendly web applications. My favorite development platforms are io.js (Node.js) and SWI-Prolog on the server side and KnockoutJS and Bootstrap on the browser side.

My Open Source report card.

I am also a maintainer of the Blog-Core blogging framework.

I can also be contacted on Freenode IRC. Usually I am in channels #javascript, #prolog and #node.js with nick RLa.

Recent posts

AVR-based cooling fan controller

For a while I have been working on getting my computer more silent and more performant and I have made some progress by getting the cooling fans (and a water pump) controller ready to be used. I

On 2015-04-02

Nanified fast-feed

Today I added a Nan layer to the fast-feed (a RapidXML binding) package and published a new version. The Nan (Native Abstractions for Node.js) layer makes the native C++ code compilable for differe

On 2015-03-14

Updates 2015-03

Status update I am looking for possible front-end/back-end/full-stack projects for next 5-6 months. My current major project is getting finished. There is another similar proj

On 2015-03-10

Error: 120 tehing terminalile keelatud

Yesterday I had some issues for paying my fee for a couple of events through the Nets Estonia online web-based terminal. I had entered my card data correctly but after confirmation I got an error:

On 2015-03-02

Prolog pack development experience

There has been some recent discussion about the (best) practices for developing and publishing packs. For informative purposes I have decided to document my own practices and workflow here. So fa

On 2015-02-17

Blog-Core update 0.0.3

The Blog-Core framework version 0.0.3 has been released. The biggest change is fully specified and documented data model and the introduction of custom entry types and user roles. The release also

On 2015-01-26