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Raivo Laanemets

My name is Raivo and I'm a freelance consultant, a blogger, and an Open Source contributor. I have built software for the last 15 years.

I live in South Estonia but I work with teams all over the world. I focus on front-end development.

What I do

I love to build web applications. My latest projects include a web-based truck cargo optimizer and an online CAD application. I maintain the Blog-Core blogging framework and a number of Open Source libraries.

My business experience includes health monitoring, logistics, electronic voting, online gambling, computer-aided design, contract negotiation, archival, and data extraction.


My usual developement stack is consists of Node.js, React, TypeScript, MySQL and Debian Linux. I also love to play around with SWI-Prolog and often try out new libraries and frameworks.

I keep myself updated with the latest technology news by reading a large number of technical blogs by other developers.

Recent projects

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Why I stopped writing

I stopped writing because I got stuck. I got stuck in life and then I wanted to write about it. I wanted to write about it because I thought this would help me to get a better perspective of things...
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On 2022-05-22

Back in business

I'm back in business. Let me know if I can help you build some software. I can build web applications, data extraction (web-scraping bots), simple mobile applications etc. using JavaScript and Prol...
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On 2019-11-08

Freelancing: success and mistakes

I was a freelance software developer and consultant for nearly 15 years. In this article I decided to put down the 5 most important approaches that gave me success and the 5 mistakes that burned me...
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On 2018-12-30

Managing shipping at Lasita Maja

For some time now, I have been working on an information system designed to manage shipping orders at AS Lasita Maja. AS Lasita Maja makes log cabins. They are one of the leading log cabin produc...
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Is programming in Prolog difficult?

Programming in Prolog is different to programming in imperative languages such as JavaScript. The logic underpinnings of Prolog make the language harder in some ways while also easier in some other...
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On 2018-12-20

Adding a custom font

Last week I reworked the blog typography a bit and added a custom font. I had used only the available built-in fonts on various platforms until now. I used Tahoma on Windows, which renders pretty p...
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On 2018-12-18

Just Dance controller app on Samsung S3

Just Dance is a series of dance video games that use a motion controller to judge how well the player can mimic the on-screen dancer's choreography. Just Dance 2017 runs on PC (the other releases r...
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On 2018-12-17

Washed-out colors on Windows 10 with NVIDIA graphics

I had an interesting color-related graphics issue on my Windows 10 machine. As I use the machine mostly for gaming, I previously did not invest much time into solving it. However, recently I had to...
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On 2018-12-05

Repairing a WindForce GPU cooler

I have a GTX660 graphics card in my main desktop computer and recently it started to make bad noises. The noises came from its cooling fans. The graphics card uses so-called WindForce design where ...
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On 2018-11-11

GDPR compliance

This blog is now compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The link above takes to the original regulation text. I used various online guides to make my blog compliant with th...
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On 2018-07-14

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