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My name is Raivo and I am a software consultant, a business owner, and an Open Source contributor. I have 15 years of experience in software development and I hold a Masters degree in Computer Science.

I enjoy to create web applications. My latest projects include a web-based truck load optimizer and an online CAD application. I maintain the Blog-Core blogging framework and a number of Open Source libraries.


I'm currently not available for new projects.

I am available for hire as a consultant. The terms for hiring me can be found here. I can work remotely or on-site. Travelling is not an issue.

Starting a new project?
If YES, then you might want to try out this questionnaire or read why I created it.


My usual developement stack is made of:

  • Node.js server-side JavaScript runtime.
  • Express web application framework.
  • React frontend framework.
  • Bootstrap frontend user-interface framework.
  • MySQL database.

I also love to play around with SWI-Prolog and often try out new libraries and frameworks. I keep in touch with the community by reading a large number of technical blogs and visiting local developer meetups.

I keep my Open Source code on GitHub. You can reach out to me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

I like to hang around on the Freenode IRC network. I visit the channels #javascript, #prolog and #node.js with nick RLa.

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Taking a break

I'm taking a break from commercial development. I want to do coding for fun only and not worry about legal risks and business issues all the time. Two months ago I had all signs indicating a burn...
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On 2018-10-05

Summary of 2017

Blogging In 2017 I wrote less than on the previous years. I did not run out of topics, I have collected a huge list of them but under a time pressure I decided to do other things than writing. N...
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On 2018-01-20

Migration to FastMail

I have migrated my mail setup to FastMail. It removed the need to run my own mailservers with all the required infrastructure including webmail. I finished the migration a week before Christmas and...
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On 2017-12-27

Now, 2017-09

This is an update on things related to this blog and my work. Blogging Since the last update I have been returning to a more stable schedule of writing. I now usually write 1 or 2 articles per w...
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On 2017-09-16

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