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Raivo Laanemets

My name is Raivo and I'm a freelance consultant, a blogger, and an Open Source contributor. I have built software for the last 15 years.

I live in South Estonia but I work with teams all around the world. I focus on front-end development.

What I do

I love to build web applications. My latest projects include a web-based truck cargo optimizer and an online CAD application. I maintain the Blog-Core blogging framework and a number of Open Source libraries.

My business experience includes health monitoring, logistics, electronic voting, computer-aided design, contract negotiation, archival, and data extraction.

What am I doing now? See my now page.


My usual developement stack is consists of Node.js, React, TypeScript, MySQL and Debian Linux. I also love to play around with SWI-Prolog and often try out new libraries and frameworks.

Recent projects

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Recent posts

Early Spring in Catania

I spent early Spring in Catania. Catania is the second-largest city in Sicily in Italy. I went to enjoy a bit warmer weather and more sunlight than is possible to have in South-Estonia at the same tim...
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Winter in South Estonia, part 2

It was snowing for a couple of days before taking these shots. Trees and the ground were covered with snow. It all looked pretty with sunlight and I decided to take some photos. I live on a small str...
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My new blog

I haven't written any posts for some time but have upgraded my blog site. It is now served as a bunch of pre-generated HTML files instead of being a server-side application. The reasons for rewrit...
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On 2024-01-07

Tailwind CSS experience

I have gathered some Tailwind experience over the last two years and decided to write about it. My learnings, both positive and negative, are from a couple of projects including an attempt to use it o...
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On 2023-10-26

Abandoned and Burned

I found an abandoned home while exploring the nearby places. It's about 5 kilometers from my home town Elva between small patches of forests and fields. I was on my usual weekend hike and was visi...
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On 2023-03-11

Winter in South Estonia, part 1

It's been snowing in the last couple of weeks in South Estonia. There is white bright snow everywhere. It's quite peaceful time here. Home and trees I enjoy such weather a lot. It's s...
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On 2022-12-30

Low-distraction Linux desktop setup

I use Debian 11 (Bullseye) and decided to document my setup here. I have the same setup on my main PC and Lenovo laptop (T490s). Hardware Most of my PC hardware is pretty old. This is what I run right...
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On 2022-10-07

Freelancing: success and mistakes

I was a freelance software developer and consultant for nearly 15 years. In this article I decided to put down the 5 most important approaches that gave me success and the 5 mistakes that burned me ou...
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On 2018-12-30

Managing shipping at Lasita Maja

For some time now, I have been working on an information system designed to manage shipping orders at AS Lasita Maja. AS Lasita Maja makes log cabins. They are one of the leading log cabin producers i...
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Is programming in Prolog difficult?

Programming in Prolog is different to programming in imperative languages such as JavaScript. The logic underpinnings of Prolog make the language harder in some ways while also easier in some other wa...
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On 2018-12-20

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