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My name is Raivo and I am a former software consultant, a business owner, and an Open Source contributor. I have built software for the last 15 years.

I enjoy to create web applications. My latest projects include a web-based truck load optimizer and an online CAD application. I maintain the Blog-Core blogging framework and a number of Open Source libraries.


My usual developement stack is made of:

  • Node.js server-side JavaScript runtime.
  • Express web application framework.
  • React frontend framework.
  • Bootstrap frontend user-interface framework.
  • MySQL database.

This stack has stayed relatively unchanged for the last 5 years.

I also love to play around with SWI-Prolog and often try out new libraries and frameworks. I keep in touch with the community by reading a large number of technical blogs and visiting local developer meetups.

I keep my Open Source code on GitHub. You can reach out to me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Freelancing: success and mistakes

I was a freelance software developer for nearly 15 years. In this article I decided to put down the 5 most important approaches that gave me success and the 5 mistakes that burned me out and killed...
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On 2018-12-30

Adding a custom font

Last week I reworked the blog typography a bit and added a custom font. I had used only the available built-in fonts on various platforms until now. I used Tahoma on Windows, which renders pretty p...
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On 2018-12-18

Blog: 200

The blog has now over 200 articles. 3 years ago I wrote an overview of the blog statistics when I had 100 articles. Recently I looked through my analytics and put together a new summary. Writing s...
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Repairing a WindForce GPU cooler

I have a GTX660 graphics card in my main desktop computer and recently it started to make bad noises. The noises came from its cooling fans. The graphics card uses so-called WindForce design where ...
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On 2018-11-11

Now, 2018-11

It's been a really long time since I wrote my last Now entry. Blogging I'm working on couple of articles which I should be publishing in the next 2 months. These will mostly be about some topics...
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On 2018-11-04

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