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Announcement: Blog-Core 1.0.0

On 2015-12-20

Today I released the version 1.0.0 of Blog-Core framework. This means the end of active development of it, at least by me. It has enough features to keep this and some other blogs and sites running. Blog-Core has been my largest side-project and at the end I was seeing it grow too big to handle as a side-project. I have fixed the current feature set (building a WordPress clone was never a goal!) under the version 1.0.0 and consider it done. Most of the last work went into usability and reliability to make writing as easy as possible and to avoid losing data under any circumstances, like browser or server crash.

The final version in screenshots (admin UI).

Remaining work

The documentation has some bits left to do. I'm currently writing a deployment guide and some small How-To's covering example database queries, doing redirects and other stuff like that.