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Coding Dojo 29.11

On 2014-12-03

Last Saturday took place a Coding Dojo event in Tartu. We sat down in pairs to write some code and tests. There were about 20 people. The event was divided into 3 exercises. The first and second exercises were about reading a file and calculating something from its contents. The third exercise dealt with refactoring out the common code parts.

Me and my partner Irina had JavaScript as a common language. We started by installing NodeJS into her computer and then proceeded to write tests and functionality. The event organizer wanted us to write tests first. For the first exercise she wrote tests and I wrote functionality. We switched our roles for the second exercise.

Unfortunately the time was up when we started to solve the third exercise. There was a presentations session at the end of the event. It was interesting that only 2 teams were using JavaScript and only one using NodeJS. Java was dominating with Python following it. Anyway, the event was fun and it was good to see old friends and make new ones.