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Just Dance controller app on Samsung S3

On 2018-12-17

Just Dance is a series of dance video games that use a motion controller to judge how well the player can mimic the on-screen dancer's choreography. Just Dance 2017 runs on PC (the other releases run on consoles) and can use a smartphone as the motion controller.

Just Dance 2017

The official version of the controller app in the Play Store requires Android 4.4 which does not run on the original Samsung Galaxy S3. This phone is very old but works well for the rest of the apps.

A solution is to use an alternative appstore called Aptoide. It has older versions of the controller app that work on the phone but are still compatible with Just Dance 2017.

You need to enable Allow apps from Unknown sources under the Security tab in the phone Settings to make it possible to install Aptoide. Then visit, install Aptoide, and finally visit to select and install the Just Dance controller app. I'm using version 4.0.1 and it works very well.