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My "now" page

This is my first "now" page update in the last 3 years.

I'm currently renovating my apartment in South Estonia. This has been a long-term step-by-step process. I have 6 rooms in total to rebuild from new floors to walls and dropped ceilings. I have done about half of the kitchen so far.

Besides the apartment I also take care of my summer house in South Estonia and trying to come up with clever ways to reduce lawn-moving and other such repeated maintenance.

I have 2 projects at work. One of them is a 2D CAD visual editor and the other is a recruitment database. Both of them have been long term projects with good teams.

SWI-Prolog WASM version has a NPM package now. This is my only Open Source activity at these times. Most of the work has been done by Jan Wielemaker who added many more features to the WebAssembly version and by Jesse Wright who contributed tests and TypeScript types for the NPM package.