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Beware of European Business Number spam/scam


DAD GmbH has been sending out potentially misleading letters to European companies about the European Business Number. The letter gives a false impression that some data has to be verified for some (EBN) registry. The first page of the letter says that "The basic entry and the update are free of charge". However, the second page states different terms. You will enter into an agreement of three years and pay 677 Euros per year. Furthermore, in order to take them into court, you have to do it under Hamburg-Mitte juristiction. EBN is not related to any organization or institution of the European Union or Commission. This is even pointed out in the letter.

Comes out that I'm not the only one receiving these letters. There are other blog articles too.

Update 2016-04-19

Multiple commenters have pointed out that the fee is now 890 Euros per year. Lea (see the comment below for contact) is hoping to fight them.

Update 2016-07-11

I received the letter once again and also got feedback asking how to end the agreement. I did some research. You just need to contact the EBN registry stating that you end the agreement on the basis that it is a fraud. And then you ignore all threats and invoices. Alternatively you can contact your country's Chamber of Commerce or equivalent and ask advice from there. Longer article: Ending (online) fraudulent agreements.

Update 2017-04-02

Similar letters from EU Business Register are being sent to electronic mail addresses. The mail comes with a PDF form referring to the conditions and terms found on the EU Business Register web page. The terms and conditions are not found in the mail or on the form. The conditions include a payment of 2985 EUR for first three years. The name of the service is easy to confuse with the legit European Business Register.


Rob Smit at 2015-09-18
Yes got the letter too :-) But I never pay attention to this type of letters. Just throw them away or keep for decoration ;-)

Fien den Drijver at 2015-10-25
Yes in the Netherlands we received this letter too. I throw him now after I google on internet away thanks for the update and attantion

tyy at 2015-11-20
In Finland too. Be aware.

J. at 2015-11-24
in croatia too, i got mine today. Also, we have had some issues with our vat-id this summer so at first i tought it has to be something related with that. then i saw pricetag :)

R. Dekker at 2016-02-16
Today we received their letter (Netherlands). Annual costs is now 890 Euro instead of 677 Euro, high indexation don't you think? one look at this and i know it stinks, but no to everyone so be aware! Don't fill it in en DON'T send the paper back to them! Wall decoration only.

A.Goncalves at 2016-03-10
Received their letter this week (Portugal). As in @R. Dekker's comment above, anual cost is now 890 euro (!!!). Thanks for the info.

Opgelichte Hollander at 2016-03-24
I stupied guy did sign it!! A got just a invoice of 890.- my English is not so well. But when a read now the very small letters in very differcult English a read something about 890.- A call my bookkeeper and a go to the police for scaming!!! Before a sign a good find nothing on the internet, a thougt that a have to sign it cause a'm selling sometimes goods in and out of the EU. A feel very pitty cause they try to steal money from me while a working hard daily for a very small money.

Lea at 2016-03-31
I am working on building some condemning information on them. I'm living in Hamburg so I'm hoping it will be of more influence to work against them here.
I already have basic order forms, if you've exchanged correspondence from them you can send it to me at Feel free to black out any personal info you don't want in the media, as that is where I'll most likely start. BTW if you signed the "order form", DO NOT pay. Seriously, they literally know they are being shitty when every single costumer asks to cancel after the first invoice. They will not back down from trying to force you by post but they are not willing to pay legal fees.

Marios at 2016-05-25
I have signed it too, but i send them an email that i want to cancel the contract..does anyone dont pay it and what happen if i ignore them?

NICOLETA at 2016-05-25
In Romania, too.I have paid them last year, and now they sent it again.....only now i have read on the internet about this scam!

Catalina at 2016-06-07
I am in the same situation, from Romania. I paid the first invoice and we sent termination address. Now came the bill for year 2. I want to head to a lawyer. If there is someone from Romania please to contact me at the phone number 0747093140

Simona at 2016-06-13
It has reached the Lithuania too. Thanks God I searched for them and didn't sign anything. What a nice page and everything seems so real!

Mantas at 2016-07-05
Received the letter as well in Lithuania. Seems they won't stop until legal actions are taken. @Lea Media coverage would be really helpful for those who aren't aware of these type of fraud business. We will report it to Lithuanian media in order to warn others. Don't let these bastards profit from your hard earned money.

Denis at 2016-07-06
Received it in Romania too. Ignored it. I might even head to court if we gather more people and take legal actions to bring this scam down.

MIU SORIN at 2016-08-11
new scam of dad,for doctors!

Ruta at 2016-09-16
Lithuania also has victim. We signed but did not paid anything after getting invoice with requirement of credit card all details, including card security number!!! At once I wrote email asking them to cancel the agreement cause of misunderstanding, they wrote back they will answer my email as soon as possible but no any feedback by email just reminder by post to pay invoice for 677eur. Dad Gmbh was attacking us from 2014. I have read petition published by EU parlament about this situation, but did not get what is the final decision regarding this scam?

Viktorija at 2016-09-29
I'm from Lithuania, a victim. Now received an invoice to pay 677 EUR. They are not willing to cancel the contract. Seems to be very standard routine... But can someone advise how to proceed further in order to avoid further consequences?

Lukas at 2016-09-30
Lithuania is the next main target of them probably. Our company is suffering too. Viktorija and Ruta may we cooperate for better communication with scam?

Sondra at 2016-10-03
I have the same problem. Second reminder.Lietuviai, sukontaktuokim mano pastas assoraya1.

Pedro at 2016-10-03
Just received this in Portugal. I googled "european business number" before even reading the whole letter because I thought that this was fishy and stumbled upon your blog post. Thank you for taking the time to inform people about this scam!

katrjam at 2016-10-06
Thanks for the info, you just saved me money and hassle. Just recieved letter today, I will put on the fire. (Portugal)

Ali at 2016-10-06
Also in Lithuania. I need people email adress, who have this problem?

Lmsv (Portugal) at 2016-10-06
I've just received but I never pay attention to these kind of letters, usually throw them away but today I searched and found this information. Thanks. The easy way is not to answer if we didn't ask for.

Pedro Costa at 2016-10-12
Thanks for the warning. Went straight to the trash. Portugal

PJ at 2016-10-12
Czech Republic...arrived today and reported to the local chamber of commerce...thanks a lot for sharing that information on their "EBN", the form looks like...EU but it is German surprisingly

Lukas at 2016-10-21
Second reminder goes to Lithuania company. Others who are in same trouble please contact me: for better communication

LAci at 2016-10-27
Just received to Slovakia/Bratislava 2016-10-27.. f.c.k them. 677 eur. IGNORED.

Diana at 2016-10-31
Lithuania.Same problem. Final Reminder invoice 677 Eur plus default interest 8,12% !! plus dunning fee 15 Eur .Total 700.74 Eur. E-mail : contact.

Stef at 2016-11-02
Slovakia. Got the same some days ago. Seems official, but the amount and the three years contract was a bit suspicious. Googled it. Voila! Thanks God you are here. 677EUR? Ja-ja-ja.:DDD

diana at 2016-11-03
I received on Cyprus first time on August 2014. Because we do some transaction with Germany I thought that Government VAT department needs our VAT number ( it was written missing VAT number,) because that company already had our company details. I signed and sent and then started disturbing. They sent me an Invoice 480 Euros. Immediately I asked them to cancel the Invoice but they continued to send and 2nd year and third year. Now after 2 and half years they are still sending every 2 months that I have to pay or they will take legal action. Today I received from Legal and Litigation Department, company in Czech that I have to pay in 5 days or they will undertake court action. This company should be also the same fraud. I have reported them to local Internet Crime Department and got information that is very known fraud company. But I don't understand why they don't do anything to stop and punish them?

Gediminas at 2016-11-08
I also filled, got an invoice, wrote them canceling letter by e'mail, they continue sending reminders,... BUT: I will not pay NEVER, because I know, they are anonymous deceivers. The main thing is: such deceivers are alive only until there are people who are afraid, because they feed from the fears of man. STOP TO BE AFRAID and DO NOT PAY NEVER for such evil beings ! Instead of SEND TMEM FAR, FAR AWAY ! With many blessings and light, Gediminas, Lithuania

Klara at 2016-11-14
I'm from Slovenia and I received the letter today. My first thought was it must be a scam so I went to google it and here I am. I hope this will be stopped soon.

George at 2016-11-18
George from Greece, i have already paid 2015 bill, and this year came again, i told them to cancel from 1st invoice but the didnt. I have not paid 2016 fees, they said they will cancel after i pay the fees. I have not answer them, and today i received letter for legal department that if i will not pay they will take action with lawyer. Also they charged me interests. Have any of you received letter from legal dpt? and what happened ? Thank you

Ausra at 2016-11-21
The same, in Lithuania, signed the papers as if to confirm company datas, then got their invoice, tried to cancel, now they torture me with warning letters every month and today I got a letter as if from Legal department with demand to pay. Wrote a report to police few months ago but no response from them...

Gabos at 2016-11-21
yessss... today (21.11.2012) we received this spectacular letter too. Of course it is a spam whatever to call it. Do NOT pay, do NOT respond, do NOT do anything, just you DO throw it away. It seems they are expanding, they found a new goal: Hungary.

Gabos at 2016-11-21
in 2016 :) not 2012

NIKOLA at 2016-11-23
Hello, I need help about this stupid EBN number? Did they actually ever sued somebody?

Stathis at 2016-11-30
Can someone from the victim community tells us if they have appliy a court order? Should we just ignore them? It seems that they are making a ton of money so they can afford to have some lawsuits here and there! PLEASE LET US KNOW!

Tomislav at 2016-12-05
Zagreb, Croatia. Today I received this letter addressed to my business. Thanks to this site, I'm now aware that this is spam. I won't be signing or sending anything back to EBN.

Dragec at 2016-12-08
Varazdin, Croatia. Got it in the mail too. Thank you very much for the info about this scam. Gonna use it to start a fire on this cold day :)

Tarek at 2016-12-08
Got one to my address in Slovenia. Didn't send it. Thanks for the help!. I may forward it to the Chamber of Commerce.

Simo at 2016-12-08
We also got this letter today - we will inform other business owners via our local association

Simo at 2016-12-08
Sorry - forgot that we are in Finland.

Tommi at 2016-12-09
I received this spam letter also in Finland. I send them back this picture.

Attila at 2016-12-09
I've just got the EBN scam letter in Finland. This kind of bullshit: "FINAL REMINDER". The Posti (state post in Finland) should block it automatically.

Ljuba, HSCS, Serbia at 2016-12-20
I received letter in 2014. in Serbia Belgrade. Natturaly, the same as most of people I sent it back signed and stamped. As I understand, it looks like an some Europian institition, not private firm. When they sent invoice, I Immidiately sent back request for termination of all services. They ignored 3 times and sent some answer like> .......Your email of 2014-12-16 Dear Madam In reference to your above-mentioned email, we apologize at first for the late response due to internal changes. Please be advised that we will no longer take into account your request for an immediate cancellation: you chose not to make use of the contractually agreed term of withdrawal. This set term expired two weeks after order placement on 2014-07-29 and thus long ago. Nevertheless, we have taken note of your refusal to have your insertion published from now on and we will of course respect it. However, since you have placed a legally binding order with us, the agreement itself remains legally valid even if you decide to have your data for order no. ER14503305 removed. You would have to bear the costs any way according to the accepted terms of contract. Kindly reconsider the matter. Should we not hear from you within 14 days, we will assume that you have changed your position and thus will continue to publish your insertion. Meanwhile, we expect the settlement for the already accomplished service. Yours faithfully f/b DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH..... This time I got it. They answer and we do not have any contract obligation in charge. Now they have to send me the third invoice, but before that, they find a firm called debt collector ( to affraid me. And pay only 480 EUr for all terminations of any obligations. I denied everything, ask a agent of his autorization, never get it. They said me see you on the court. Dear friends all is fraud. Do not pay anything. Just deny and ignore.

Ant at 2017-02-01
Letter arrived to my company in Finland. Pretty scammish looking.

Mikael Siirilä at 2017-02-01
Check, also received the letter (Finland). It tries hard to look like a formal "government issue" letter and clearly tries to hide mention of fees.

Andreas at 2017-02-09
I am really glad I found this site here. The letter I received in Finland looks quite authentic and official. The fee is hidden somewhere in the middle of a big block of text. Thank you all for contributing to this site here and for flagging the issue.

Lilla at 2017-02-20
My parent's small local company, in a small village in Hungary received it today, as Final Reminder. Thank you for this site, I am glad I have googled it first!

Kimi at 2017-02-26
I got same invoice 890 Eur from this company from Finland , I do not pay it (anything) , I send E mail to them Said All is mistake!!! Why Police do not check this company ?? over 1000 companies were lost a lot of money by them!!

Marchello at 2017-03-02
Latvia 771 euro this time... but as I understud from other workers the letters are spamming post box from ~2014 ....

Ray at 2017-03-03
Same in Latvia 771 Eur... be aware!

Umur at 2017-03-09
We received the same invoice 890 Eur in Finland from this scam company, EBN. This is not an official invoice and I noticed that each page were torn at the side. Do not know the reason. Even though paper is signed and stamped which we thought this organisation is a European Institution so it might be the reason why I signed the paper. We are part of the European Commission Transparency and this EBN IS NOT RELATED WITH THIS GOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTION.
We will do a reclamation to Finnish police for this issue in order not to be legally responsible if someone open a case against us. Simply do not do further act and ignore the invoice. NEVER EVER PAY SUCH FAKE INVOICES. If you pay, it will support this activity that keep this idiots to run a business. As you can read from other comments, they will keep invoicing you and treat you forever.

Rainer at 2017-03-11
This Company DAD GmbH is purely a scamming business. They don't actually produce any money worth services. They will not go to court to sue anybody, because they most certainly would lose. What they do, is send invoices and threats. Some percentage of people / companies pay and that's why they continue to do this. What you can do, if you have accidentally signed and sent the paper, is to send them email / fax, where you state for example like this. "You, DAD GmbH sent me a letter and a form, masked as an urgent, official like information inquiry. I did sign and answer because I understood that it is inquiry from EU officials or from some of their representatives. I did not see there your hidden order/ agreement text written with faint small print on beige background. Therefor in my opinion we do not have any valid agreement nor order of anything. Remove all my data from your system. Secondly for your demanded money you don't actually provide us any service worth paying money. Internet is full of information of your scam activity in different forms. I will do a criminal report of your actions to police." Keep a copy of your email / fax and their possible replies. Then make a crime report or request for investigation to police of DAD GmbH. After this they legally can not invoice your company, because agreement is challenged. They only could sue you, but they will not do it, because that would be most stupid thing of them to do. What I don't get, is why German officials let this kind of company run?? Does some of their victims, or group of victims, have to sue them in court before something happens. Is there in Germany a class act law? If yes, victims could unite and sue DAD GmbH together with class act. Btw I signed also and got invoice, so I am with you :D The web site in my link is not mine, but there is well written information of this scam.

Kokoriko at 2017-03-14
Got this on my mail today. As it has been said, it is "official-like" but if you read it carefully it is obvious that it is a scam. Some obvious pointers: "EBN is not related to any organisation or institution of the European Eunion or Commission". "We accept the advertisement's annual cost of 771 euro..."

Margy at 2017-03-14
Received this letter today (Greece). The annual cost is now 771 euros. Obviously a fraud, so I'm just going to ignore it.

Avgvstvs at 2017-03-16
I just received it today - Bulgaria. Thanks to you and your information, this letter goes directly to the trash!

nasko at 2017-03-17
The same in Bulgaria..Just receive today this letter! Be aware

Ignore_this_scam_please at 2017-03-17
Used it for toilet paper, was a bit scratchy though :)

Vag at 2017-03-19
Received (in Greece), the price is 771 euros. I didn't sign it, but at first it looked like it came from an EU organization indeed. They are very well organized, as everything seems to be legal.

Avgvstvs at 2017-03-22
I received second letter that week...same as the first one! Bulgaria

Dotepenka at 2017-03-24
Horrible, I fell into the trap of EBN in Croatia. I was sure I necessarily have to send the data because I do business with EU member states. I have received a bill to 677.00 euros. I sent them an urgent termination of contract because first: I am not authorized to sign any agreement (authorized only owner of the company where I work) and secondly: even for a moment I did not know that signing any contract. Now I literally harassed with letters, with penalties. Horror! In Croatia such advertising costs 100 euros per year. Shame for the EU and for Germany to permit such gangs to operate.

PetarD at 2017-03-28
Received it today (Bulgaria). Directly in to the trash.

janne at 2017-03-30
Don't worry about these bill 890 Eur, They are never going to a court because they know they never win this case !

NM at 2017-04-01
Hello everybody, Is here somebody who received a bill of 890 Euro? What it happens after?

RLa at 2017-04-01
@NM, do not pay any bills received from them. Nothing happens, they just keep sending threat letters. Ignore them.

NM at 2017-04-01
@RLa Thank You,what happened with You?How many bills You've got?At leeast I've got a Legal Department of 721 Euro,and I was afraid a little bit,that they could take down money.

RLa at 2017-04-01
@NM, I got no bills because I did not sign the agreement. I did read the full agreement and saw that it was not right and decided to write this article to warn other people. Please also read on how to end the agreement or find further assistance.

NM at 2017-04-01
@RLa Thank You!

Andres at 2017-04-18
One in Estonia...

mina at 2017-04-18
another in estonia...

Gorila at 2017-04-21
@Rainer In Germany there is no class action suit. Germany uses Civil Law, good enough however for defense from DAD scam. The most notable reaction of German authorities is a landmark Ruling of German Supreme Court VII ZR 262/11 of 26. July 2012. Since then there is no chance DAD could win at German court. (Link is at the bottom). This Judgment renders invalid hidden, unexpected, small print fee obligation as ineffective in an application form for an entry in an Internet branch directory. Effectively, this ruling is some kind of class action. German authorities are well aware of DAD and similar scams, but it is difficult to do more than that without undermining contractual legislation. Against the ruling of German Supreme Court DAD has no defense. Also, their Invoices aren’t in accordance to German trade regulations. In every Invoice among EU member states, there is an obligatory statement: »Intra-community tax-free delivery« (Ger.: steuerfreie innergemeinschaftliche Lieferung). As I understand from their letters they really do not have »legal department« but »intimidation department« and they feed on payments from ignorant, intimidated victims. So don’t fear and use their letters to light your fireplace, or barbecue. LINK to the Rulling of German Supreme Court :

Kert at 2017-04-23
Seems that Estonia is under attack now! Got it on 21.04.2017 Letter is going into trash can - IGNORED

Iaspati at 2017-04-26
@Gorila thank you for that useful piece of information. We got scammed here in Finland, same scenario as others - dealing within EU, missing the fine print. Will act along the lines suggested here.

Peter at 2017-04-27
@peter. Dublin. Legal Department letters from DAD continue to arrive with regularity despite numerous exchanges between our companies. Reported this "activity" to authorities here.

Gorila at 2017-04-27
@Iaspati I was considering taking a legal action alone against DAD already for some time now. I would like very much to beat them in a court of justice just as an example to others - to show that their claims are void and indefensible. To slap them legally over the mouth in public. However, there is a chance that they abandon claims, as they usually do, in the preliminary phase and hence avoiding a lawsuit in public. I will consult my lawyer to see is there any chance to enforce their appearance in Landsgericht Hamburg, without preliminary "moderation". I,ve heard that there is a group in Finland opposing DAD. Perhaps we should do that together. Any ideas. I'm prepared do invest some money to have fun beating them in a court.

Iaspati at 2017-05-12
@Gorila our case is reported to the local authorities, and the "agreement" is terminated on our part (thank you for the advice and this post, Raivo.) We've followed up with emails to EBN, getting what very much looks like standardized replies. I will gather the exchange into a folder that I'll link to here, as it might be of interest (@Peter, @NM, @Dotepenka and others)

NM at 2017-05-15
Thank You for informations and encouraging

Mikk at 2017-05-18
The same scam has reached Estonia too. In the letter they sent to my dads company they are charging 771€ for their services. Luckily my dad did not reply and came to me. I hope you will have luck in fighting these scammers! I will notify the Eestonian officials to raise peoples awereness.

Taurus at 2017-05-24
Got one today in Lithuania. At first the letter looks like something official from EU but when you read it carefully - definitely a scam. Received few months ago another one from France - our company was awarded for innovation, great results and top quality management (or something like that) and we were requested to come to the ceremony in Paris for getting the award. Attendance costs ~2000 euro: hotel for two nights and ceremony. I asked for the award delivery to my company, with out attending, as we were already announced as winners. Communication stopped after this :D Keep your eyes sharp!

VJ at 2017-05-24
Got one today in Lithuania too. It was about fifth time in 10 years (they used diferent names of company). Maybe I will prepare special trash box for it...

Pharmy at 2017-05-30
Portugal here. These scams are cyclical. Once in a while I receive one and I just ignore them, today is EBN. It used to be mostly nationals "Registers" EBN is my first european one. Data in the prefilled form are old (an email no longer in use for more than 10 years), and the phone number is a wrong one as it had appeared in some websites here, so I guess they just pull public data from wherever they can. Or maybe these "Registers" simply trade/exchange databases between them. Or they are/were always the same entity simply changing name or moving around in Europe.

Gorila at 2017-06-26
Now, beyond any doubt I know answers to two crucial questions: 1. Who is behind the EBN fraud? and 2. Why the Debt Recovery business has relocated to Czech Republic? 1. Who is behind the EBN fraud After short investigation of two debt recovery companies who are sending threatening letters to the victims of EBN fraud I have found out that the man behind the EBN fraud is a notorious fraudster Adrian Wittmer. Wittmer is well known as the CEO of Intercable Verlag AG and was involved internationally in many similar frauds. He was prosecuted by the Swiss Police and his company in Germany was closed after the Police raid. He has relocated his business into Czech Republic which is more tolerant towards fraudsters. Adrian Wittmer is a founder of at least five fraudulent companies in Czech Republic; two of them are still active whilst the other three were closed. All companies allegedly have no employees and negligible turnover More information about these companies you may find from public data of the Czech Business Register. ( 2. Why the Debt Recovery business has relocated to Czech Republic. In Germany, as well in the EU, debt recovery is legally regulated and must be carried out according to the law, in accordance to the Regulation (EC) No 1896/2006. This regulation describes payment procedure for claims not contested by the defendant. This regulation simplifies, speeds up and reduces the costs of litigation in cases involving more than one EU country. The problem for DAD/EBN is that procedure procedure applies just to cases where the claim is not contested. In case of the defendants’ complaint the matter ends up at the court which would judge against DAD in accordance to German Laws and Judgement of the German Supreme court which has rendered EBN fraud impracticable in Germany. Therefore, DAD is keen to settle accounts out of the court, but German legislation opposes any other than the lawful debt recovery. In the past some attempts have ended by the police investigation and imprisonment for 2,5 years. Therefore, the illegal part of the busies is relocated to Czech Republic which favors fraudsters, or at least, doesn’t persecute them. Two active companies founded and owned by Adrian Wittmer Credit Business Resolution s.r.o. CCF Credit Collection Factoring s.r.o are now sending threatening letters, representing themselves as acting on behalf of EBN/DAD. In reality, they are doing the second illegal part in the fraud which is punishable by the German laws. Hence DAD/EBN have relocated that part of the busies into Czech Republic. EBN in Hamburg is just the first stage in the business: harvesting signatures, issuing invoices and is sending payment reminders. They do just the part which is not prosecuted in Germany by the Criminal Police. What they do is bordering on matters punishable by the German laws but remain at the safe side. Therefore, we may conclude that the whole EBN fraud is illegal according to the German laws and presents no treat to those who have returned signed forms to DAD. DO NOT PAY – Just ignore them and enjoy ongoing vacations.

DR at 2017-07-13
I have written the letter and paid them because I was afraid. Now they sending me another letter with invoice, can I ignore them now?

RLa at 2017-07-14
@DR, read the other comments. I think that the answer is clear for now.

Inese at 2017-08-27
Hi, everybody. If here is enybody from LV,want to join me to make collective attack to DAD, please let me know here. I think it will be more effective, if we do it togother. I know where to give the info about them, to get them leave us. The same I would wish to do other people from another countries. If official complaints about DAD will be high amount, our authorities will end this "infection" faster.

KP at 2017-09-12
Hello, everybody. We are in the same situation in Hungary. I got call from the Credit Collection Factoring s.r.o, from Prague, I didn't know what to to do, but thanks Gorila, now I'm know, that this is almost the same company. The Romanian Chamber of Commerce advise to report them to the police. Could it help?

Bart at 2017-09-14
Just send the envelope with a nice FU note WITHOUT STAMPS. The receiver will be asked to pay for the postal costs. I'm sure it will be difficult for them to reject it knowing it might contain a nice new order. :P

Inese at 2017-09-20
KP, You have to report about DAD scam to police. It is right advice and inform DAD, that you have done it.

Aleksandra at 2017-09-28
@Inese Hello! I'm from LV too. We have signed the letter in 2016. After receiving the invoice we sent tham an e-mail to refuse the contract, but no reply followed. However they kept sending the invoices and all invoices received went straight to the trash - we didn't pay any of them. Whit week I had a call from some company Datafocus Lda that claimed to be instructed and duly authorized by DAD Deutscher Adressdienst Gmbh (DAD) to act on its behalf. We received the e-mail right after that was saying that we must pay the debt for the services provided. Inese, please contact me so we could chare the information!

Inese at 2017-10-04
Aleksandra, How to reach you?

Aleksandra at 2017-10-06
@ Inese, lūdzu rakstie uz

George at 2017-10-20
Hi George here from Greece, in 2015 I have done the mistake and paid them the first invoice, right after i asked them to cancel the 3 year contract but they refused. Since then I am ignoring every email they send me, mails for payment, and threats for leading me to courts etc. Today I received a different email from Credit Collection Factoring s.r.o in Czech telling me that i own to DAD around 2900 €. Should i ignore them too ? Please Help....thank you

Panayiotis at 2017-12-03
Panayiotis from Greece ..i signed the document in 2015 and while I sent cancelation after the first invoice in June 2015 now the ask for 3 years subscription plus legal fees plus interest. They put in front now a factoring company from Chezh ...Dr Luca Mancini Legal counsel, CZ 120 00, Prague 2, P.O.BOX 42 signed the email I am not paying anything...

NM at 2018-02-24
Did you hear about somebody beeing prosecuted of this company?

gorila at 2018-02-27
Dear friends, This is an information you probably have been looking for. Here and elsewhere many people have asked two the most important questions: (1) has DAD sued "clients" and (2) has DAD won at court? The answers are: (1) YES, they have sued but, (2) NO, they haven’t won – DAD has lost! Even worse for them: the Court (Landgericht Hamburg) has decided that actions of DAD constitute a criminal offence of fraud. That was the DeutschesInternetRegister case, from 2008 – a decade ago.There are many similar court decisions in Germany but I have decided to present exactly this one because it involves DAD and is about exactly the same fraud scheme as the EBN. Their form »contract« from 2008 was practically the same. You can find it here: The Court (Landgericht Hamburg) decision is here (Landgericht Hamburg, Urteil vom 14.01.2011- 309 S 66/10): So, fear not and DO NOT PAY EVER. I hope that this will bring you more peace of mind.

Csilla at 2018-02-28
Hi Everyone - it is amazing they still continue to send out these letters! We have just got one in Hungary, but we spotted it is a scam. If it was so widespread in so many countries and they were reported to police, how is it possible they can still continue their activities?

Gorila at 2018-03-12
DAD – EBN HAVE LOST IN COURT Please read this message carefully because it contains extremely important information. This message does not contain my opinion but pure facts on the basis of which you can conclude that DAD has no chances to enforce you. Moreover, the court ruled that the DAD has committed a criminal offense of fraud. I found court rullings that declare DAD G.m.b.H from Hamburg guilty of fraud and is liable to pay all litigation costs. In 2008, DAD sent a large number of letters to companies and institutions with a form "Data Update 2008". The form is in German language and is almost identical to the form you have received from DAD in 2016 and 2017 under the tradename "European Business Number". One German company filed a lawsuit at the court in Hamburg and demanded that the court adjudicate that they are not required to pay DAD G.m.b.H 2.280,04 Eur. The company that returned the signed form was in court and was not obliged to pay. The court decision is here. The translation of the court decision is: The Prosecutor is not obliged to pay the defendant the sum of 2,280.04 euros on the basis of the "Deutsches Internetregister" signed on February 28, 2008. The Accused is ordered to pay to the plaintiff 272.87 euros plus interest at a rate of 5 percentage points above the relevant basic rate of 10.09.2008. The Accused is charged with the costs of the dispute. The verdict is provisionally enforceable. The defendant may reject the execution by a guarantee in the amount of 110% of the amount that can be made on the basis of a judgment, unless the plaintiff gives a guarantee in the amount of 110% of the amount to be executed before execution. DAD complained to Lansesgericht Hamburg. The Appellate Court upheld the decision of the first-instance court: The appeal of DAD was rejected by the District Court Hamburg-Barmbek's judgment of 5 March 2010 (Az: 822 C 420/09). The court decision states: The Accused was ordered to pay the costs of the appeal. The verdict is provisionally enforceable. The court decision was final. DO NOT PAY.

JB at 2018-05-14
Dear All, I have read all the messages you have posted and currently i am facing them with emails. I have sent an email referring to their lost judgement in Hamburg and to EU laws regarding contracts. I received a reply from the fraudster Daniela Kunst stating that ''We thus dismiss your accusations as completely unfounded. Furthermore, the judgement you are referring to is not transferable. We have to presume that you signed our form without having taken note of its contents before. You will understand that we are surprised because we suppose that any document has been read carefully before it is signed. In the case of international contracts, the parties may freely choose the applicable law as well as the place of jurisdiction. Our General Terms and Conditions of Business stipulate that the exclusive place of performance and the sole competent jurisdiction are the publisher's registered office (Hamburg-Mitte). Please note also that, following the European guidelines, the law applicable is the law of the country where the service ordered has been executed. Thus, only German law applies. Given the fact that we fulfil our obligations by publishing the advertisement, we also expect you to honour your contractual liabilities and proceed with the settlement of our pending invoice without any further delay'' Can anyone help me how i should proeceed next?

MJ at 2018-06-08
Dear All, we have the same situation in Lithuania. We have paid them first contribution as compensation of our mistake signing this contract, searching for peaceful resolving of situation. But this did not help. So we are about to start Lawsuit to this comapny in Hamburg court. If anybody is interested in this, please refer to me: for starting joint procedure of lawsuit. Dont wait for credit debtors!

Mats at 2018-09-07
Hi, i found a really good lawyer in Munich. I can highly recommend Daniel: One week after he sent a letter, EBN let me go. I have never heard from them again.

Bernard at 2018-09-25
The same anounce reaches France by today for me. The formular shows one page only and short text in the middle with little letters with "The annual charge for insertion is EUR 899,-" Take care !

Fib at 2018-11-22
Got the letter this week in Czech Republic. Looks like verification of company info for GDPR, but it was an order for making that info public for 977EURO per year. I used the included envelope and sent them something very rude.

M. at 2019-10-22
A quite new similar case from Hungary: a 'new' German company from Hamburg (Your Business at Net GmbH) sent similar letters in summer to Hungarian enterprises with „VRE” (VAT Identification Number Register related to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The letter written in English inform the companies that data management is compulsory for the companies and they should clarify their data on the web-site They say in the small-lettered parts, that this service is free of charge but the German company request to fill in the missing other company data. They point somehow that for these 'extra-data' the company should pay (about 880 EUR/year, the contract regards for 3 years...) It is almost the same case than DAD GmbH with European Business Number.

MS at 2019-11-11
DAD sent to us some judgement from the Czech court according decesion to pay all debts to them by one trapped czech company . No valid court decesion yet. Do anybode have the same experience?

Denisa at 2019-12-04
Czech Republic - We are receiving letters, claims and invoices from 2015 - very intimidating! Every single time since first invoice we made clear we are not interested in their services - we canceled the "contract", however they never respond to our correspondence. Our lawyer sent the statement about misleading and fraud activities against our company. Never replied. And this year again we received the claim from Czech factoring company - obviously created apparently by DAD.. Does anyone know if we can really just ignore them or might get this worse?? They are already asking for 2800 EUR. Is it worth it to start court actions against them?

Double Dutch at 2020-04-29
They contacted us (a business based in Amsterdam) on March 11th 2020 Those scammers are now operating under the trading name 'VAT Identification Number Register related to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)'. They mention the GDPR now in their name in order to give their letter sufficient credibility. The legal entity behind it is Your Business at Net GmbH, Spaldingstr. 218, DE 20097 Hamburg. The managing director is supposedly Monika Ziegelmüller who most likely is a straw man (or should I say 'straw woman'?) for somebody else. You can find their 'register' on but please do not fall for this scam...

Dessislava Ivanova at 2020-11-06
Hello, we received this " order" last year in our office. As the most people- i thought - this information to the VAT- register, did not red the Absatz on the page 2, where is the sum of 711 euro; we paid this 711 euro in 2019 and sent a terminaton letter; this year we receive the second invoice for 711 euro, due day ill 09.11.2020... I tried to talk to layer, that has good praxis with such cases and i would like to know, how would cost his honorar. in case anyone would like to contact to me, please write +359893649782 thank you

Desole at 2020-12-26
Hallo, anybody dealing with EU business register? Please e-mail at Thanx

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