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Simple EJS highlighter for Sublime Text 3

The standard EJS package for Sublime Text 3 is broken. This post shows a trivial alternative. There is EJS 2 package but it is broken too because valid EJS is NOT always valid JavaScript. This happens when EJS tag ends a JavaScript block, like <% }) %> in a forEach call. In the same way, this fork is broken too.

I have added my own solution. It just highlights the EJS tag as a whole and does not dive into it. I did it the same way in Kate. In order to "install" this solution, create a file EJS.sublime-syntax into the Packages/EJS directory (create EJS directory where Preferences->Browse Packages opens). The any "official" EJS package must be uninstalled.

# See
name: EJS
  - ejs
scope: text.html.ejs
    - include: scope:text.html.basic
    - match: '(<%(-|=)?.+?%>)'
      scope: ejs

Then add the ejs scope color into your theme (the tmTheme file of the active theme, possible hints on doing it are here):


With my theme and settings, the output looks like:

Sublime Text 3 simple EJS highlighter

Update 2016-11-02

I have improved the highlighter to properly highlight multiple EJS fragments on the same line. This required change to make the match regex non-greedy. The full code snippet above has the fix.


Waldo at 2016-11-19
Hey, I really liked your approach and I've tried installing it. Build 3059 is yet not rendering ejs properly. I've added the file to the proper subfolder (a new EJS directory where Preferences->Browse Packages opens). I've also managed to edit the MONOKAI colorscheme and added your dict to the bottom of it. Yet notthing. I've closed and opened sublime several times, with no result. Yet, I agree with your post: Every other EJS highlighter is not doing the trick really for me. If you have any ideas... thanks.

asdfasdf at 2018-06-09

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