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Privacy policy

This website tracks its visitors for analytics. Analytics is used for providing better content. This website does not collect personal data.

Collected data

Technical information about the visitor's web browser and Operating System is collected. Time spent on viewing a single page and the total time spent on the browsing session is recorded. Browsing sessions are recorded using random numbers as session identifiers and "session cookies".

The collected data is stored and processed in the database operated by Infdot OÜ.

Use of collected data

The collected data is aggregated into a statistical dataset which is then used for improving the relevancy of the articles published on this blog.

The aggregated data may be shared with 3rd parties for other purposes. The aggregated data may be published in this blog.

Individual session data is not published or shared with any 3rd party.

Commenting system

The blog has a commenting system. The commenting system has an optional feature to enter the commenter's name, email address and homepage. You are encouraged to not use your real name. Your email address is stored for sending you notifications of future comments. The email address is not published or shared with 3rd parties. Your homepage address is published next to the comment. You can always stop receiving mail notifications by clicking the unsubscribe link in the mail.

You should not publish any personal information in comments.

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