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Who is a Software Consultant

On 2017-09-10

It does matter what you call yourself. It sends out a signal of what you do and how you can be useful. By the offers I have been getting recently I have come to a conclusion that my current title (software developer or full-stack freelancer) has not been descriptive enough. The new offers have not matched up with what I have been doing for the existing clients.

What and how I do

  • Solving problems by developing custom software.
  • Develop in collaboration with the client.
  • Providing services directly to the client.
  • Working with multiple clients at once.
  • Choosing my own clients and projects.
  • Managing the development process.
  • Working remotely or on-site.
  • Develop using popular platforms and libraries (mostly JavaScript).
  • It is a full-time job and not a side business.

I believe this is the best described as a "Software Consultant". Lots of other titles are approriate in some aspect but are not more descriptive as they are too generic, too specific, or have negative connotations in some communities.

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