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Winter in South Estonia, part 1

On 2022-12-30

It's been snowing in the last couple of weeks in South Estonia. There is white bright snow everywhere. It's quite peaceful time here.

Winter in South Estonia
Home and trees

I enjoy such weather a lot. It's stable. Often we just have freezing and melting cycles which turn the whole ground into a field of ice, making walking outside slippery and difficult.

Winter in South Estonia
Local neighbourhood

I live in a neighbourhood of condominiums. The buildings are surrounded by tall pine trees. Sunlight makes it look warmer than it is.

Winter in South Estonia
Red bricks and pines

The streets are covered in snow. Walkways and roads are still perfectly usable but not many people are outside with -10C° temperature.

Winter in South Estonia
Town street

All big roads are well-maintained here. Snow tractors usually do they work in very early morning, cleaning the road for others.

Winter in South Estonia
Town entry

It's beautiful to travel in Estonia during these winter days. Fields and trees are covered in snow. We have snowstorms but not extreme ones.

Winter in South Estonia
Morning after showstorm

I don't drive every day. Once a week I go to Tartu for shopping and socials. Tartu is the closest large city.

Winter in South Estonia
Main road

It gets dark quite fast during winter. Sunset starts around 3 PM in December. Lack of light is the most depressing in these cold days.

Winter in South Estonia

Despite darkness and cold I still enjoy winter. I used to ski a lot but nowadays prefer a small hike once or twice per week, sometimes bringing a camera with me.